Here’s what our patients have been saying about us….

patient1[1] I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication in giving me the ability to see. The trees are so beautiful!

Thank you for your pleasant, personable staff. The heated blanket also! Everything was sparkling clean, and I appreciated the pleasant, quiet atmosphere.

I am so happy with my new lens. It is like a miracle. One thing good about getting old!

Every one of your staff members did an outstanding job. I had someone with me from the time I arrived to the time I left.

You should give lessons to other surgical centers. patient3[1]

I felt so comfortable, safe, and secure during my surgery. The entire staff was professional, kind and empathetic to my worries. Very nice facility! Thank you!

patient2[1] I want to mention the kindness shown to me by the nurse named Sandra. I am a highly nervous individual – she was most understanding and kind to me, even though I’m sure I was not an easy patient. She should be commended for exceptional professionalism.

Just don’t let any of your professional personnel leave! They are such a fine cohesive group.

All of the staff members were especially comforting. Thank you Laura for the ‘hand hold!’

My 2nd pleasant experience – too bad I don’t have a third eye!